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Tuesday, October 17

MADAGASCAR: Dr Lee organises mobile medical missions to Anjabetrongo each year. We recently flew him with a 28-strong outreach team to provide health check-ups and run a Bible camp for children at a nearby school. Pray that those who hear the truth at these camps will encounter our living Saviour.

Monday, October 16

MADAGASCAR: Junior Vehicle Mechanic Njara has been part of the MAF Madagascar team since spring 2017. Pray that she has a good week, continues to enjoy her work and is able to use her skills for God’s glory.

Sunday, October 15

MADAGASCAR: Praise God for MAF’s partners who are sharing the Good News and equipping church leaders. When Pastor Sedera Rakotoaritsifa flew with us to Ambovombe, he led sessions with Christians from four different denominations on discipleship, the authority of Jesus and the Great Commission. Since 2010, he has helped establish an incredible 28 churches!

Saturday, October 14

CHAD: The arid landscape and hot climate make Chad the world’s most climate-vulnerable country after Bangladesh. Lift up projects to develop farming techniques that will improve people’s resilience and help pull them out of poverty.

Friday, October 13

CHAD: John 7:38 says that, for those who believe in Jesus, ‘rivers of living water will flow from [the] heart.’ Pray that a renewal of God’s Spirit will flood Chad’s ‘dry and weary land’.

Thursday, October 12

CHAD: Chad’s economy depends heavily on oil and continues to be hit by the recession. Pray the country’s leaders will have wisdom to manage Chad’s limited resources to benefit those most vulnerable. This includes 367,000 refugees and 60,000 internally displaced people and their host communities.

Wednesday, October 11

CHAD: The Mumford family has been serving in Chad since 2013. Pray for good health and energy for Hannah at home with Jacob, for Zack and Esther studying at school and for Pilot Andrew as he flies in temperatures reaching over 40°C!

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