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Sunday, March 18

UGANDA: Praise God for the planes that enable MAF partner World Food Program to provide 1.1 million South Sudanese in Ugandan refugee camps with much needed food. Pray for all those separated from family and friends.

Saturday, March 17

MAF MOTHERS WORLDWIDE: MAF has a heart for women and children. Pray that God will encourage an Education Support and Child Safety Officer to serve our work in Australasia.

Friday, March 16

MAF MOTHERS WORLDWIDE: Last September, Glenys Watson, the mother of four girls aged between two and nine – Katie, Alana, Danielle and Lucy – moved her family to Goroka, PNG, to take up the role of MAF Pilot. Her husband Jonny takes care of Lucy while the other three attend school. Pray that the Watsons will be blessed as they follow God’s call on their lives.

Thursday, March 15

MAF MOTHERS WORLDWIDE: Fifty years ago, a British girl in her twenties arrived in Uganda. For two years, she lived and worked among the Karamajong tribe, teaching at a school for girls before returning to the UK. Forty-eight years later, her daughter Liz Parker and husband Andrew, an MAF pilot – together with their children Esther, Benjamin and Joel – followed God’s call to Uganda. Give thanks that the seeds planted by Liz’s mum Anne Benge (née Potter) continue to blossom as Liz seeks to serve the community in Kampala as a part-time teacher.

Wednesday, March 14

MAF MOTHERS WORLDWIDE: Mum to nine-year-old Miles, Charlene Neale serves in Arnhem Land alongside her husband Israel, an MAF pilot. Charlene is Community Development Officer at the Miwatj Employment Programme, which enables her to witness, inspire and encourage the Yolŋu people. Pray that Charlene’s ministry will lead to more aboriginal staff working for MAF.

Tuesday, March 13

MAF MOTHERS WORLDWIDE: ‘For this is what the Lord says: "I will extend peace to her like a river, and the wealth of nations like a flooding stream; you will nurse and be carried on her arm and dandled on her knees. As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you."' Reflect on this promise from Isaiah 66:12-13 (NIV) as you pray for the struggle experienced by mothers in developing countries.

Monday, March 12

MAF MOTHERS WORLDWIDE: Qualified teacher Anne Sibthorpe is mother to five children: Alice, Jack, Olivia, Estella and Edith. Married to Ben (Chief Engineer) for over 20 years, she lives and serves in Mareeba, Australia. Pray for Anne as she teaches RE, raises her children and lives out God’s adventure for their family.

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