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Wednesday, June 28

UK TEAM: Legacies are a significant and cherished part of MAF’s income each year – for which we praise God and thank our generous supporters. Pray for Legacy Administrator Juliette Chwalibogowski as she communicates with solicitors, families and friends at such a sensitive time. May her communications be full of wisdom and grace.

Tuesday, June 27

UK TEAM: Anna Beck has recently been promoted to Chief Finance Officer for MAF International. Please pray for Anna as she learns her new job. She particularly asks for wisdom when dealing with a wide range of issues each day. Pray also for her husband James, who supports her while running his own business and looking after their three children.

Monday, June 26

UK TEAM: Please pray for Luke Saunders, MAF UK’s IT Officer, as he helps to keep all things technical running smoothly – enabling staff and volunteers to communicate effectively in this digital age. Ask the Lord to continue to strengthen life at home with his wife Debby and daughter Olivia, with God at the centre of all they do.

Sunday, June 25

UK TEAM: Praise God for Gareth Mitchell, Vice-Chair of the MAF UK Board of Trustees. Along with his fellow trustees, Gareth is responsible for the governance and oversight of MAF UK’s activities. Please pray for wisdom and strategy for Gareth and the whole Board of Trustees as they seek to steward the resources God faithfully provides for our mission.

Saturday, June 24

VACANCIES: Pray that God will encourage an experienced Ground Operations Manager to serve our South Sudan lifeline.

Friday, June 23

MAF FATHERS: Pray for MAF Country Directors around the world today. Much like a good father, they work hard to protect those in their care, make tough decisions, take responsibility and provide spiritual leadership for their teams.

Thursday, June 22

MAF FATHERS: Lift up Pilot David Petersen, father of Daniel, aged two. David, his wife Ashley and Daniel live in Nyankunde. David enjoys flying a wide variety of people across eastern DRC, including doctors, Bible translators, pastors, reconciliation teams and medical patients.

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