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Wednesday, July 18

LIBERIA: With many people living in extreme poverty, programmes such as the People’s Initiative Against Poverty are desperately needed. Please continue to pray for this vital organisation, started by Sister Wilhelmena, which teaches young people to fish and cultivate crops – giving them hope for a better future.

Tuesday, July 17

RECRUITMENT: MAF Liberia had a critical need for an experienced mission pilot. Praise God for the Mumford family who are expected to arrive from Chad in August. Please pray for a smooth transition period for the family.

Monday, July 16

LIBERIA: Liberia’s wet season (May to October) brings real transport challenges on land and in the air. Pray for protection and safe landings for MAF pilots as they face poor visibility and delays caused by heavy rain.

Sunday, July 15

LIBERIA: Praise God for the growing work in Liberia. Last year, the programme flew 168 partners, 3,001 passengers, 609 flight legs and 41 medevac flights – an incredibly impressive result for only 1 plane! Nearly a third of all flights were medical related or medevacs.

Saturday, July 14

INDONESIA: Pray today for the 55 international and 113 national staff who support the 15 planes currently serving our programme in Indonesia.

Friday, July 13

INDONESIA: Located on the island of Borneo, the Indonesian provinces of Kalimantan is home to many people groups. Jungles, rivers and swamps prevent many of these tribes and villages accessing the outside world. Pray for our staff who provide vital aviation and radio communications services to Indonesian churches, Christian missions, and non-governmental organisations.

Thursday, July 12

INDONESIA: Pray for understanding and respect between Christians and Muslims in Papua and across Indonesia. May God bring healing from past hurts, provide peacemakers to promote unity, and cause the Gospel message of love to be heard.

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