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Monday, April 24

KENYA: Uphold Bishop Qampicha Daniel Wario as he continues to outwork his vision for Marasbit and the future of evangelism, discipleship, education, health and conflict resolution. Pray that the joy of the Lord will be his strength as he faces the challenges of a very large diocese with diverse needs.

Sunday, April 23

KENYA: Praise God for MAF Kenya’s relationship with more than 200 partners. Regular shuttle flights transport missionaries, officials, teachers and medical specialists, and ensure resources go where they’re needed. Pray for wisdom in scheduling flights so they benefit those most in need.

Saturday, April 22

VACANCIES: We need mission pilots and an experienced aircraft maintenance engineer. Pray Christians with a heart for PNG will respond.

Friday, April 21

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: When the plane arrived,’ says Pilot Michael Dupuis, 'the clinic at Tsendiap had nearly exhausted its supply of key items.’ Pray that, through the provision of medical supplies, isolated clinics will continue to provide patients with the healthcare they need.

Thursday, April 20

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Because the patients we fly to hospital often bring nothing but the clothes they’re wearing, our personnel produce ‘care packs’ for expectant mothers. Pray these women ‘will be brought safely through childbirth’ (1 Timothy 2:15) and experience God’s love through MAF’s personnel.

Wednesday, April 19

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Give thanks for the spread of God’s Word. Pilot Michael Duncalfe sold 18 Bibles at Ambuluwa and 7 in Sengapi,while Pilots Dallas Patten and Michael Vogel provided the enthusiastic villagers in remote Busilmin with 18 Tok Pisin Bibles, 4 audio Bibles, 1 English NIV and a Bible commentary.

Tuesday, April 18

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Pilot Steven Eatwell was discouraged when a medevac patient died before he could collect her. Steven prayed, and later ‘had an amazing week’ transporting Bible college students and carrying out a successful medevac. Ponder on our need to pray without ceasing, and intercede for PNG. Thank the Lord for His peace beyond understanding when things don’t go as we'd like.

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