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Monday, May 22

ARNHEM LAND: Our ‘Yindi’ or ‘big’ aircraft carries 13 people – twice as many as the GA8 Airvan – and is having a ‘big’ impact in Arnhem Land! MAF can now offer the flexibility of a regular ticketed service to Yolŋu communities. Give thanks for our new service, our hard working staff, and the opportunities this new initiative will create.

Sunday, May 21

ARNHEM LAND: Praise God for the move of His Spirit sweeping across Arnhem Land and turning Yolŋu hearts to Him. May the joy of the Lord be tangible to these new believers and irresistible to the people with whom they come into contact.

Saturday, May 20

VACANCIES: We need mission pilots for our lifelines in Liberia, Madagascar and Mongolia. Pray that God will meet our needs.

Friday, May 19

HAITI: Many Christians are helping to rebuild Haiti. Pray for organisations such as Haiti Bible Mission, YWAM and MAF, who are committed long-term to meeting the needs. Pray that Haitians will invite Jesus into their hearts and allow Him to transform their lives, communities and country. Haiti has long been a place of great spiritual darkness.

Thursday, May 18

HAITI: Give thanks that, as well as providing relief flights to many devastated areas, MAF was also able to share disaster relief expertise by providing training to other organisations.

Wednesday, May 17

HAITI: Pray for the 21 MAF staff, including 15 Haitian personnel based in Port-au-Prince. Our 3 aircraft cover over 155,000 miles annually.

Tuesday, May 16

HAITI: MAF aircraft enabled partners to identify the areas worst hit by the hurricane and helped meet needs on the ground. Ask God to show you where you fit in. Whether you are called to pray, give or go, your role is essential too!

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