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Friday, October 21

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Sexual violence is sadly commonplace. According to the PNG Law Reform Commission, 70% of women in PNG say they’ve been physically abused by their husbands. In some parts of the country the figure is far greater. Pray for this devastating abuse to change. Ask the Lord to pour out His love on those who have been hurt, bringing healing both physically and emotionally in Jesus’ precious name.

Thursday, October 20

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Proverbs 8:11 says, ‘wisdom is better than jewels. Nothing you desire can equal it.’ Operations Manager Siobhain Dales asks us to pray for wisdom in leading her department so staff can work more effectively, use our aircraft more efficiently, and serve more people.

Wednesday, October 19

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Belief in Sanguma (witchcraft) is prevalent in rural PNG, with around 150 women suspected of sorcery killed each year. Pray that the words of Matthew 13:16, ‘But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear’, will be true for PNG’s people. Pray they won’t take the law into their own hands but know God’s truth, power and peace. Pray for vulnerable women wrongly accused of witchcraft.

Tuesday, October 18

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: We fly Bible boxes in our planes so isolated villagers can receive God’s Word. As you read your Bible, give thanks for God’s living Word and ask that the Spirit will breathe fresh revelation to readers throughout the world!

Monday, October 17

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Mother Teresa said,‘The hunger for love is more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.’ Ask God to meet the nation’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Sunday, October 16

DAY OF PRAYER: Praise God for the thousands of people praying for MAF on this Day of Prayer. Thank the Lord that the love He showed on the cross enables us to be called children of God – that’s who we really are!

Saturday, October 15

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Pray that God will move in the heart of the right person to serve as Finance Manager in PNG. We also need six mission pilots.

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