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Sunday, September 24

UK TEAM: Praise God for Paul Beck who, as part of the Partnership Development team, gathers information from the countries where we operate in order to report back to donors and make bespoke fundraising applications to trusts and foundations. Ask God to guide Paul to material that shows the lifesaving difference our flights are making.

Saturday, September 23

VACANCIES: Pray that God will encourage an Education Support and Child Safety Officer to serve with MAF in Australasia.

Friday, September 22

MISSION KIDS: Growing up in an isolated or war-torn country is full of challenges. Ask the Lord to protect all MAF children living in dangerous countries. Read Numbers 6:24-26, using it to guide your prayers.

Thursday, September 21

MISSION KIDS: Thank the Lord for Sam and Abby Baguma’s daughters in Chad. Rachel (5) has started at Wellspring Academy, AIM’s mission school. Originally home-schooled, pray she settles into her new routine. Pray also that sister Rebecca (3) remains healthy and happy. We bless all the daughters in our MAF family and pray they grow up to be strong, resilient young women of God.

Wednesday, September 20

MISSION KIDS: Take a moment to think about children you know who are in school or college. Consider how privileged they are to receive free education in the UK, and pray for those being educated overseas.

Tuesday, September 19

MISSION KIDS: Lift up Steve and Katie Machell’s children. Having left school, pray Jack develops clear plans for his future and seeks to follow God’s will. Pray a blessing over Toby as he settles back into boarding school in the UK and starts his GCSEs. Ethan has returned to Kenya – pray he will settle quickly.

Monday, September 18

MISSION KIDS: Abigail, Matthew and Eilidh Swanson; and Esther, Benjamin and Joel Parker are forming good friendships. Ask God to bless them as they continue to grow up together in Uganda.

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