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Wednesday, March 22

MOTHERS: In the darkest and most hopeless of places, God uses motherhood to bring comfort to the terrified and hope to the lonely. Sadly, in many of the countries in which we serve, the fragile hope of motherhood is put into young girls’ hands as they take care of their brothers and sisters. Pray these young people will find their strength in the One who gives rest when weary and burdened (Matthew 11:28).

Tuesday, March 21

MOTHERS: Mama Ruth Kambenga is part of an evangelical team that helps Tanzania’s people through week-long safaris made possible by MAF flights. Pray for Mama Ruth as she shares the truth of God’s Word and the freedom that can be found through worshipping the King.

Monday, March 20

MOTHERS: Sarah Newnham and her husband Chief Engineer Mark – now based in Liberia – felt the Lord stir their hearts to adopt one of the many abandoned babies when they first started serving in Uganda. In 2006, they began fostering daughter Amy, and brought home their son Joshua in May 2007. The formal adoptions were completed in September 2010. Then, in 2012, their own little miracle – Abigail – was born. Thank the Lord for this wonderful family.

Sunday, March 19

MOTHERS: Praise God for MAF friend and partner Maud Kells who recently retired after serving as a missionary for 40 years in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Give thanks for her ‘mother’s heart’ for this nation. Pray that her legacy will remain fruitful for generations to come!

Saturday, March 18

VACANCIES: Pray that God will prepare the hearts of an IT Manager, Flight Programming Co-ordinator and HR Manager to join our team in Papua New Guinea.

Friday, March 17

ANGOLA: MAF partner and ophthalmologist Dr Steve Collins knows ‘it’s a person’s relationship to God that matters. If he has God, he has vision, he can see!’ Pray that the eyes of the blind will be opened both physically and spiritually through his ministry in Angola.

Thursday, March 16

LESOTHO: Pray for Lesotho’s people – the stunning mountain scenery hides crippling poverty, hunger and epidemic levels of HIV/AIDS. Ask God for a Scripture that will encourage people living in the tiny mountain kingdom, and share it with

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